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Fees, Funding and Living Costs


Soran University is a Governmental Institution and the tuition fees are not required for undergraduate students. Local students are accepted in the University according to their overall grade from high school. Students do not pay anything to the university except some external study materials.
For postgraduate study, tuition fee is required for the candidates employed out of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


Like the rest of governmental institutions in Kurdistan Regional Government, at Soran University a monthly grant is given to students that ranges from 40000 IQD to 100000 IQD according to the geographical residence of students. Students from distance locations to Soran are provided by dormitories beside the monthly grant. The grant is not given during the summer holiday.

Living Costs

Living cost in Soran is less expensive comparing to other cities in the region in terms of housing, clothing and personal needs. The geographical position of the Soran has made the city to be a medium for the international exportation. Soran occurs near the border of Iran. This has made the living cost to be cheaper in comparison to the other places in the country.