Faculty of Arts was founded in (2007-2008) under the name "College of Languages" and as part of Salahaddin University. The foundation of the Faculty was recommended by a committee in KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government), according to order (no. 1962) on 22/2/2007, and with the reference to Ministry of Higher Education's letter (no. 297) on 12/8/2008).

Faculty of Arts (once College of Languages)  was first founded in Soran city/Delizyan. Then, for the next educational year, it was moved to the centre of Soran city. Later, when Soran University was founded, Faculty of Arts became part of it as other faculties like Law, Education, and Basic faculties.

Depending on the order (no. 757) and with reference to record of proceedings of the KRG (no.10) on 30/5/2010), and the meeting of the Assembly of the University (no.6) on 12/7/2010, it was decided to open College of Arts for both (Language and Education) colleges which consist of six departments (Psychology, Kurdish language, Arabic language, English language, Geography, and History), and later Sociology Department was added.

Then on 14/4/2011, according to decision (no. 1/1/1650) by the Soran University, the name of (College of Arts) was altered to (Faculty of Arts).

Now, the dean of Faculty of Arts is (. Dr.karmand.hamad.), and his assistant for administrative affairs is (Dr. Ali usif), and his assistant for scientific affairs is (Assist. Prof. Dr. mediya Abrahim fatah).

The number of the departments is (7) and the number of the instructors is (136), including (104) male and (32) females, and (2) professors, (2) assistant professors, (34) PhD, (93) MA, and (1) high diploma.

The number of the employees is (147) including (95) males and (52) females. The number of halls is (25) which has their own data show, and the faculty has one seminar hall and one computer test hall which has (43) computers and this hall has one data show.