Student Services

We take your well being seriously while you are a student of Soran University and any issues that affect your studies should be discussed and dealt with by the appropriate person.

The head of student services department is () Any issues you have should be addressed to him either in his office on campus or via email on () or via telephone on ()

You will be allocated to a personal tutor. This is the person who you contact if you have any academic issues or problems.

If you have personal issues you can speak to your personal tutor who will be able to advise you of the best person to speak to for help and assistance. Your discussions with your personal tutor are private and confidential and will only be shared with people who need to know what is happening for you, for example, your head of department or the Dean of the faculty.

We also have a confidential counselling service for any students who need emotional support. You may be referred from your personal tutor or you may self refer.