posted 19 Sept 2016, 12:48 by Shamal A Abdullah   [ updated 19 Sept 2016, 12:48 ]

The minister of higher education and scientific research announced that one of the strategic plans of the ministry of higher education and scientific research is to internationalize Kurdistan Universities. According to the plan, we started to send ten capable students of Kurdistan universities to the Republic of China.

I (Dilan Jawhar) was the representative of Soran University and a member of the delegation. After I stayed in China for 12 days, I came back to Kurdistan with a new experience.

The main purpose of this trip was to be familiar with the history, culture, development of China, and the level of education in its universities. In this trip, I also visited Beijing Foreign Studies University which is one of the top universities in China where fifty foreign languages are studied. In this university, we introduced Kurdistan by giving a presentation about Kurdistan and we suggested for them to open Kurdish language department in that university. In addition, I visited four great cities in China which were: Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, and Beijing. In these cities, I familiarized with the most important historical and tourism places of China.

At the end of our trip we proposed that this kind of trip should continue in coming years for other students in Kurdistan and we expressed our appreciation to the minister of higher education and Dr. Khattab, Dr. Muhammad who was also the head of our delegation and China's General Council in Erbil who gave us this great opportunity.

Faculty of Arts hosted Dr. Soran Zirary to deliver a seminar under the title ‘First Aid and The Cholera’. The Seminar was given on November 10, 2015. Dr. Zirary focused on the basic first aid actions needed to be given to the patients. He also mentioned the Cholera and the ongoing threats caused by Cholera. The most important guideline of controlling and avoiding the threats were explained at the later part of the seminar. Worth mentioning a huge number of audience attended the Seminar.