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Rebwar Ahmed MA Thesis Presentation

A new Master’s Thesis Presentation was done at the Faculty of Arts on Monday, November 16, 2015. The Thesis was entitled ‘Prototype in Kurdish Language Semantic Cognition’ which was presented by Rebwar Ahmed, a Master’s student at the Kurdish Department. The Presentation lasted for almost four hours. At the end the thesis was approved by the committee with the reference to certain modifications in the thesis to be done in one month.

The committee included:

1- Proff. Dr. Qais Kakl Tawfiq      Chairman

2-  Asst. Proff. Shahkawan Jalal Faraj   Member

3- Dr. Rahim Qadir Sorakhy     Member

4- Asst. Proff. Dr. Sirwan Jabar Amin      Supervisor