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Cambridge Dictionary of American English

Cambridge Action Plan for IELTS

Cambridge IELTS (1)

Cambridge IELTS (2)

Cambridge IELTS (3)

Cambridge IELTS (4)

Cambridge IELTS (5)

Cambridge IELTS (6)

Cambridge International Dictionary of English

Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms

Canadian Directory of Awards for Graduate Study 1985

Candide (Notes)

Carry Me Like Water

Case Studies in Generalist Practice


Consumer behavior  Building Marketing Strategy

Challenges and Innovation in U.S. health Care

Chambers Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

Chambers Synonyms and Antonyms

Chasing The Dream

Chasing The Dream

Chemistry Catalogue 2006

Child Psychology A Contemporary Viewpoint

Childbirth as a Life Event Current Approaches

Childeren's Literature in the Elementary School

Children in the Strategy of Development

Children With Cerebral Palsy (A Parants' Guide)


Chipping The New stock Market Method of Surviving

Choices Making Right Decisions in a Complex World

Chomsky Ideas and Ideals

Chomsky’s Universal Grammar


Citizen Coors (A Grand Family Saga of Business, Politics, and Beer

Clay’s Quilt

Clean Water for our Future Environment

College Books 1973

College Composition

College Success

College Writing From Paragraph to Essay

College Writing Skills (Media Edition)

Collins Co-build Pocket Idioms Dictionary

Collins English Language teaching 1983-84

Colloquial English

Coloring Outside the Lines

Commercial Correspondence with Workbook

Common Errors in Essay Written in English by Arabic Speakers

Common Mistakes in English


Communicating in English Examples and Models (1) functions

Communicating Today The Essentials

Communication Catalogue 2006

Communication Principles for a Lifetime

Communicative Language Testing

Communicative Syllabus Design

Complet Sonnets and Poems

Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test

Complex Cognition ( The Psychology of Human Thought)

Comprehensive Guide to the County of Northmberland

Computer Networks

Concepts and Comments

Concise dictionary of Linguistics

Concise Hornbook Series Principles of Criminal Procedure

Constitutional Law Cases and Materials

Construction Building and Planning Facilities for University

Construction Methods and Mamagement


Contemporary Issues and Decisions

Contemporary World Reginal Geography

Convergences, message. method. medium

Conversational Interaction in Second Language Acquestion

Coordination and Control of Globally Disributed Software Project

Corporate Identity

Cottage English Country Style

Could's Book of Fish

Counseling Research and Program Evaluation

Courts, Judges, and Poltics

Creative Guitar 3 Recording Effects

Crime and Punishment

Crime and puzzlemnt 5 on Martha's Vineyard, Mostly

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Today

Criminologica ( Vol. 4, 1966-67)

Criminologica ( Vol. 6, 1968-69)


Critical Theory Today (A User- Friendly Guide)

Critical Thinking Skills

Critics on D. H. Lawrence

Critics on Dryden

Critics on Marlowe

Critics on Matthew Arnold

Critics on Wordsworth

Crossing Currents Continuity and Change in Latin America

Customers for Life

Cutting Edge students book (intermediate)

Cycle UK The Essential Guide to Leisure Cycling

Cystic Fibrosis Medical Care