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A Basic English Grammar with Exercises

A Bibliography of Anton Chekhov in English

A Brief Introduction to the Military Operation of Anfal 1988

A Call to Character

A Coldness in The Blood

A Companion to Victorian Poetry

A Comparative Analysis of Multination Facilities in the European Union

A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language

A Concise Dictionary of English Slang

A Course in Advanced Comprehension

A Course in English Communication

A Course in English Language Teaching

A Course in Language Teaching

A Course in Phonetics

A Cultural Studies Reader (History, Theory, Practice)

A Dictionary of Economics & Commerce (English-Arabic)

A Dictionary of Everyday Idioms

A Dictionary of Grammatical Terms in Linguistics

A Dictionary of Language Testing

A Dictionary of Literary Terms

A Dictionary of Religious Terms (English-Arabic)

A Farewell To Arms (Notes)

A Field Guide to the Sea Shores of Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf

A Field to the Sea Shores of Kuwait And the Arabian Gulf

A Fine Place (A Novel)

A First Book in Comprehension Precis and Composition

A Glossary of Literary Terms

A Glossary of Technical Terms of Philosophy (English- Persian)

A God in Ruins

A Glossary of Phonology

A Guide to MLA Documentation

A Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature

A History of American English

A History of English Literature

A History of Middle East Economies in The Twentieth Century

A History of the English Language

A History of Western Art

A History of Fishes

A Lexicon of Linguistic Terms (English-French-Arabic)

A Man From Glasgow (English-Arabic)

A Marriage Sabbatical

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Modern History of the Kurds

A New Kind of Party Animal

A Passage to India

A People Without A Country, The Kurds and Kurdistan

A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man

A Practical English Grammar

A Practical English Grammar Exercises(1)

A Practical English Grammar with Exercises2

A Pronouncing Dictionary of American English

A Reader for College Writers

A Short History of English Literature

A Student's Grammar of the English Language

A Students Introduction to English Grammar

A Survey of Modern English

A Tale of Two Cities (English-Arabic)

A Textbook of Translation

A Time to Kill

A Topical Approach to Life-Span Development 

A Troubleshooting Guide for Writers

A University Grammar of English

A Woman Unknown (Voices From a Spanish Life)

A World of Arts

A Writer's Resource A Handbook for Writing and Research

A –Z of English Grammar and Usage

A+Exam Notes: Core Module

ABC of Common Grammatical Errors

About Language Tasks for teachers of English

Absolute Zero and the Conquest of cold

Absurd Drama

Academic Press Journal Catalog 1992

Action Plan for IELTS

A dictionary of Translation and Interpreting (English- Arabic)

Administration of Continuing Education

Adult Development and Aging

Adult Development and Aging Myths and Emerging Realities

Advance Vocabulary and Idiom

Advanced  Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing

Advanced Acting Style, character, and Performance

Advanced Business

Advanced Financial Accounting

Advanced Grammar in Use

Advanced Language Practice

Advanced Language Practice for EFL

Adventures in American Literature

Adventures in English Literature

Adventuring in Arizona

Al Mutkan The Illustrated English School Dictionary (English- Arabic

Aladin and The Magic Lamp

Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves

Alice in Wonderland

Alien Contact

All My Sons

All Souls.. A family Story from Southie

Al-Mawrid A Modern English- Arabic Dictionary

Al-Mawrid Al-Quareeb English- ArabicDicionary

Al-Moasser The Up-To-Date Dictionary (English-English-Arabic)

Almost Famous How to Market Yourself For Success

Al-Mounged (English- Arabic)

Al-Muhit Oxford Study Dictionary (English-Arabic)

Al-Muyasser Dictionary (English-Arabic)

Al-Mwakeb Amodern English Arabic Syntheses of Computer Technology

Al-Nibras Dictionary (English-Arabic)

Always Think Big

America Writes (learning English through American Short Story)

American Constitutional Order ( 2000-01 Supplement)

American Government 99/00

American Pastoral (Novels)

American Readings

American Stories

American Streamline

American Streamline (workbook)

An Anthology of Short Stories

An A-Z of ELT

An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

An English Course for Students of Arabic

An Introduction Literature

An Introduction to Applied Linguistics

An Introduction To Australian Literature

An Introduction to Discourse Analysis Theory and method

An Introduction to English Grammar

An Introduction to English Grammar Syntax

An Introduction to English Phonology

An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics

An Introduction to Language

An Introduction to Language and Linguistics

An Introduction to Literary Criticism

An Introduction to Literature

An Introduction to Sociolinguistics

An Introduction to Syntax

An Introduction to the Musculoskeletal System

An Introduction to the World 's Oceans

An Introductory English Grammar

An Introductory Guide to English Literature

An introduction to The World's Oceans 

An Outline of English Literature

Analyzing Learner Language

And The Horse He Rode In On

Anfal of Khalkhalan (IV Anval)

Anfal the Iraqi State's Genocide against the Kurds

Animal Farm

Animal Physiology

Anna Karenina (English-Arabic)

Annual Editions Corrections 01/02

Annual Editions: Aging

Annual Editions: Archaeology

Annual Editions: Biological Psychology

Annual Editions: Computers in Society

Annual Editions: Criminal Justice

Annual Editions: Educating Children with Exceptionalities

Annual Editions: Global Issues

Annual Editions: International Business

Annual Editions: Entrepreneurship

Annual Editions: Personal Growth And Behavior

Annual Editions: Sociology

Annual Editions: Violence and Terrorism

Annual Report of the University Court (1986-87) University of Galasgow

Anthropological Theory an Introductory History

Anthropology the Exploration of Human Diversity

Application in Basic Marketing

Applied English Phonology

Applied Sport Psychology

Applied Writing for Technicians

Applying Anthropology an Introductory Reader

Applying Educational Research

Approaches and Methods In Language Teaching

Approaches to the study of the environmental implications of contemporary urbanization

Approaches to Translation

Arab Private International Law and Contract's Conflict Rules

Archaeology Theories Methods and Practice

Arguing through Literature a thematic anthology and guide to academic writing

Aristotle the Nicomachean Ethics

Arms and the Man

Around the World in Eighty Days

Around Town Situational Conversation Practice

Art across Time

As Long as Sarajevo Exists

As You Like It

Aspects of Language Teaching

Astronomy journey to the cosmic Frontier

Assault on England

Assessing Aid


Assisting Development in Changing World

Athletic Injury Assessment

Atlas Dictionary (English- Arabic)

Atlas Dictionary of English Idioms (English- Arabic)

Atlas Student Dictionary (English-Arabic)

Atlas Terminology for Medical Student (English-Arabic)

Atomization and Sprays Journal of the International Institutes(Vol. 13 No.1)

Auto CAD 2006 Companion

Auto CAD 2006 Instructor