Faculty of Arts Library 

Foundation of library dates back to the year  (2010) when two colleges, College of Language and College of Education unified and a new faculty established in the name of Faculty of Arts.

The Library has near 20,000 books, in three Languages (English, Arabic, Kurdish). Also there are many Thesis, Magazine, Maps in different languages.

For borrowing books there is a system which is used Microsoft Excel. By this system the time of borrowing and returning books are easy to find.

The name of all books and users are on the computer and every year there is a list shows that how many users the library had. Also there are lists of books’ names that borrowers can use for borrowing different books.

The books are classified according to the (Dewy System) which all sciences divided to ten branches with special codes. 

The Location of the Library

The library located at second floor of Faculty next to IT department, which consist of a hall for keeping books, a hall for study and a special room for lists of books names.