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Ibrahim Sadiq (Malazada)

  Contact Info:

Faculty: Arts

Department: Sociology

Address: 33 Fowler Close, Battersea, SW11 2ES, London, UK


Phone Number: 00964 750 7862832


Academic title: Lecturer 

Responsibility: Lecturer

General Expertise: Sociology 

Specific Expertise: Nation Building and genocide

Research Interests:


Genocide and Human rights

State and Nation Building

Religion and Political Islam

Culture and Identity

The modern politics of Iraq and the Kurdish Question

Ethnic and Sectarian Conflict

Radicalism, Terrorism and Extremism



·         (PhD), in Sociology, Brunel University, London, UK (2016).

           Thesis Title:

            Nation-building and genocide as the process of civilization and the decline of

           civilization: Critical analysis of the origins of the genocide against the Kurdish

           people from Arabization to the final solution.

·         Master's Degree (2010):


            Religion and nationalism; how religion was mobilizing in the Anfal campaigns.

·         Diploma

Diploma in law and social service at the Zorg en Welzijn College, city of Arnhem,

            Netherlands (2004).

·         BA:

·          (BA), Faculty of Law and Politics, Salah al-Din University, Erbil, Iraqi

             Kurdistan (1991




PhD in Sociology. Kurdish socio-political researcher and writer. Worked as lecturer

at Koya University in Kurdistan region/ Iraq, from 2012 in the Department of social

science, and moved to sociology department of Soran University at the end of 2016.

My primary research has been in nation building, religion and genocide. I am

currently involved in a number of projects relating to the Islamism, violence and

Kurdish society.

In addition to this academic career, I have over two decades of experience in various policy

and media sectors and have worked with a variety of Kurdish newspapers and TV channels

in Iraq and Europe. I also have collaborated extensively with humanitarian organizations in

the Middle East and Europe as an adviser on social integration and intercultural relations.


1.      Member of the International Advisory Board of the International Panel on Exiting

Violence (IPEV).

2.      Board member of Kurdistan Centre for Sociology (KCS)

3.      Board member of Kurdistan Centre for Middle Eastern Research at Soran

University (KCMER). Kurdistan Region.

4.      Editorial member of the Journal of the Middle East Research JMER (English


5.      Board member of Centre for Middle East Research - CMER. UK

6.      Chief Editor of the Kurdistan Journal for social science in Kurdish Language (KJSC)

7.      fellow of Norbert Elias Foundation in Amsterdam.

8.      Editor of the books “Islam in Kurdistan” and “Religions in Kurdistan” published by

al-Misbar Centre in United Emirate.


Papers in English Language:

1.        Evaluation and Forced Camps as Civilising Offensive (Published as a chapter of the book (Iraqi Kurdistan region, A path forward) by Centre for Transatlantic Relations. The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies. John Hopkins University.

2.        The future of the children returning from IS areas and the rehabilitation process in the

 correctional prisons in the Iraq and Kurdistan Region. A research has been written for

Institute for Research and Mediterranean Studies (iReMMO).

3.        The process of institutionalisation of Islamism in Kurdistan region (Has been presented in a

conference in Paris at 21st of June 2017).

4.        Jihadi ideology in eastern Kurdistan/ Iran and its influences on the Southern Kurdistan

region/ Iraq (It could be published soon in Critical Studies on Terrorism journal)

5.        The Ghosts of Religious Genocide: The Ezidi Kurdish Case (Not Published).

6.       Ethnocentrism, the initial step towards genocide (Not Published).


Papers in Arabic Language

7.        The Salafi character in Kurdistan: ethnic affiliation and religious behaviour. A Chapter of a

Book “Salafism in Kurdistan”. (Al-Misbar Centre)

8.        New Zoroastrians, a return to the roots, in search of a missing identity. A Chapter of a Book

“Religions in Kurdistan”. (Al-Misbar Centre)

9.        Islam in Kurdistan, originality or difference. A Chapter of a Book “Islam in Kurdistan”.

(Al-Misbar Centre).


Papers in Kurdish Language

1.       The Kurdish deportation as a civilising and de-civilising process

2.       A Durkheimian understanding of the process of genocide in Iraq

3.       The Motto of 'Islam is the Solution', between the civilising and de-civilising process. This was presented at a conference organised by the Kurdistan writers union in 2014

4.       The Affiliation between Kurdishness and Islamism, presented at the second conference of

the Dabran foundation on the 22nd of September 2016 in Kurdistan region

5.       Bilingual and hegemony in the production of violence: Understand the extreme

discourse, IS as an example.

6.      Kurds between the two types of Islamization

The role of religion in the strategy of imposing hegemony in the Middle East, began with

the outbreak of the Islamic Revolution in Iran

7.       Figurational Sociology: Entrance to the understanding of social phenomena.




I have written dozens of political, social and philosophical articles and these have been

published in several newspapers and journals, including:

1.       Almonitor, The American foundation in English and Arabic. The head office is located in

Washington, which is a competent professional media foundation focusing on the Middle East.

2.       The Journal of Millet Research Center.

3.       The International newspaper of ‘’Al-Sharq al-Awsat, London” in the Arabic language.

4.       The national newspaper of Kurdistani Niwe, in the Kurdish language

5.       The national newspaper of Hawlati (the Citizen), in the Kurdish language.

6.       The national newspaper of Chawder (the observer), in the Kurdish language.

7.       The national journal of Kurdish union writers, in the Kurdish language.


Book Publications:

1.       The crisis of contemporary thought by Taha Jaber Al-alwani (1996). (translated from Arabic

to Kurdish).

2.       Poetry: Arms Full of Blood (Kurdish language).

3.       Novel: Behind the hurricane waves (2010) (Kurdish language).


Member of:

1.       Kurdistan Syndicate of Journalists

2.       International Syndicate of Journalists