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In the beginning

The English department in the Faculty of Arts at Soran University was founded in 2003/2004. At the time it was a part of the College of Education of Salahaddin University.The main aim of opening this department was to educate academic trainees to fill the huge gap in the education and learning process. Therefore, opening the English department in Soran was a necessity.

This became the foundation from which Soran University has built. Although the aims of the department are clear, year after year it grows and pursues its dreams, sending out more academic experts to embark on their various careers.

Second stage:

In 2008/2009,Salahaddin’s College of Language was opened in Soran. This college included English language. Students were studying in the department and some of the subjects they studied were the same as those from the College of Education and some were different .Similarly, there was the College of Basic Education, but it did not have such an organized programme.

This is when Soran University in 2009, sitting among the proud mountains of Kurdistan ,was born and became a beacon .Thus,our steps towards a brighter future have led us to look at want went before and to rearrange our curriculum employing contemporary methods. This meant that the university brought together the English departments from the colleges and they merged into one department.

Today’s Department

In 2010/2011 we brought the English Language Department to the Faculty of Arts, Soran University. In consultation with the students, Soran university’s council decided that the group from the College of Education should continue their study until they graduated and they were still considered education students; the language group also continued studying their subjects. However, the newcomers were to be admitted as Arts students.

The current goals of English department are to bring about a new generation of English learners and various experts of English language and literature and history so that they will be able to help rebuild the regions desired outcomes.

English department future:

The future and success of English language is related to Soran University. Fortunately, within the building of the university’s campus, the university will witness more growth. The department has its own rooms and hallway, a profound library, sound labs and other means of learning.

We have returning students, who were sent abroad through the HCDP programme via the regions or central government. This has an impact for Soran University and enhances the experience that has been achieved via applying the Quality Assurance process, for which Soran university was the pioneer in implementation.

It is worth mentioning that Soran university will accept students for the coming academic year only in terms of their quality and it can accept only 20 students. This will enable the English staff to expand their activities and improve our services.