The admissions policy of Soran University reflects the regulations of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Higher Education.

Faculties within the university submit details of their estimated capacity for student admission for the following academic year. As Soran University is expanding its curriculum base, introducing new programmes of study along with improving and developing the infra-structure projected admission figures are rising on an annual basis.

Students in their final year at high school, that is year 12 of their studies, are required to complete a form stating their preferred choices of university along with their chosen subject of study. These forms are submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education, via the Zankoline website, and are then used, along with the results from their final year exams, to allocate university places through the Central Admission at the Ministry of Higher Education.

The allocation of places is based on student academic achievement in their final exams and the universities’ requirements, as well as taking into consideration the students’ choices where possible.

Appeals against these decisions may be made but success will depend upon individual circumstances. Soran University will liaise with the alternative individual university concerned, the student and the Ministry of Higher Education before a decision is reached. In all cases the wellbeing of the student concerned and the suitability of the programme for their academic ability will be of prime importance.

There are occasions when students may wish, or need, to transfer to another university during their degree programme, or transfer to Soran University; each case will be decided on an individual basis.